Haiku and Coffee 9.10.2020 ~Completion~

Nothing left unsaid.

A karmic cycle severed.

Grace and peace prevail.

Haiku and Coffee 9.7.2020 ~Restored~

Permission granted.

Full circle, back to my roots-

I am me again!

Haiku and Coffee 6.15.2020 ~Rise and Shine~

A new day dawning,

Anticipation rising-

Awake and alive!!

Haiku and Coffee 6.14.2020 ~Venus Reclined~

Going with the flow,

No doing, just being- me.

Chilled out Saturday.

Haiku and Coffee 5.30.2020 ~2 Men & A Dragon~

Up, Up and Away!

Nominal trajectory.

No burn in orbit.

Haiku and Coffee 5.31.2020 ~Revolution~

History repeats.

“The Course of Human Events…”

Pluto returning.

Haiku and Coffee 5.28.2020 ~Renewal~

“I do. I promise.”

A vow to my Higher Self.

A true commitment.

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