Haiku and Coffee 8.25.2021 ~Mid-Life Thriving~

Fun and youthful soul.

Timeless, classic gentleman-

Wearing 50 well!

Haiku and Coffee 8.21.2021 ~Full-Filled~

Once in a Blue Moon

The brightest light emerges-

My heart is aglow.

Haiku and Coffee 8.10.2021 ~Checkmate~

One board, two players,

Countless available moves-

A single victor.

Haiku and Coffee 8.8.2021 ~Lion’s Gate~

An open portal,

Renewed energy ahead-

Onward and upward!

Haiku and Coffee 8.6.2021 ~Silent Joy~

Peace in the chaos,

A soul-driven gift of love-

Our little secret.

Haiku and Coffee 8.1.2021 ~The Void~

What are you missing?

The passionate parts of life…

Waiting to be filled.

Haiku and Coffee 6.28.21 ~… and Thank You!~

Open to receive,

My full heart runneth over-

Unexpected gifts.

Haiku and Coffee 6.27.2021 ~Motivational~

Truly inspiring.

Excellence, despite the odds-

A bright, shining star.

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