Haiku and Coffee 2.26.2020 ~Deep Breath~

A bit of a void

after great upheaval. Now…

Unencumbered peace.

Haiku and Coffee 2.21.2020 ~New Moon Rising~

Darkness, clearing space

Making room for shining light.

Meanwhile, stars twinkling.

Haiku and Coffee 2.9.2020 ~Full Sun, Full Moon~

Beams of light and warmth,

Winds of change gently blowing.

Lunar glow rising.

Haiku and Coffee 2.8.2020 ~Congruence~

Inner meets Outer.

Duality falls away.

I am simply ME.

Haiku and Coffee 2.7.2020 ~Connecting Dots~

People crossing paths,

Bringing opportunities.

New tribe, new journey.

Haiku and Coffee 11.4.19 ~Interwoven~

A smile from afar.

No unrelated strangers.

My soul greets your soul.

Haiku and Coffee 6.27.19 ~An Ode to the Elements: Earth~

Grounding, connecting,

Rich soil and rich emotions-

Nurturing Mother.

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