Haiku and Coffee 4.11.2021 ~Ode to St. EOM~

Artist, seer, sage-

Aligned and fully open

To the worlds’ magic.

Haiku and Coffee 3.20.2021 ~Pele Connection~

Yours- Sacral. Mine- Root.

Chakras ignited, opened.

Goddess of the Fire.

Haiku and Coffee 3.11.2021 ~Renovate~

Break down barriers

Make room for new energy-

Heart space renewed.

Haiku and Coffee 2.23.2021 ~Quantum~

A virtual hug

Connects mind, body, spirit

Across space and time.

Haiku and Coffee 2.19.2021 ~Second Nature~

Home away from home.

Mama Gaia calls my name.

Weekend in the woods.

Haiku and Coffee 01.28.2021 ~Clearing the Path~

Cutting karmic cords,

Ancestral traumas are healed.

Walking forward now.

Haiku and Coffee 1.1.2021 ~Tabula Rasa~

Fresh chalk in my hand,

The world at my fingertips-

New Year, New Era.

Haiku and Coffee 12.31.3020 ~Finale~

All’s well that ends well.

A year full of test and trial-

A new day dawning.

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