Haiku and Coffee 9.30.21 ~Kilauea, Unbound~

Stirring the cauldron.

Letting off steam and pressure-

Fire Goddess, Pele.

Haiku and Coffee 9.28.2021 ~Ode to Schumann~

A deep resonance,

A palpable energy-

Mother Earth’s heartbeat.

Haiku and Honey 9.28.2021 ~Hail to the Queen~

Golden egg layer-

Followed, adored, and revered-

The sole matriarch.

Haiku and Honey 9.27.2021 ~Smorgasbord~

Asters, Goldenrod,

Sunflowers, Black-Eyed Susans-

Bees at the buffet.

Haiku and Coffee 9.26.2021 ~Free Range~

The wreckage is cleared.

The Universe paves a path-

An open road home.

Haiku and Coffee 8.25.2021 ~Mid-Life Thriving~

Fun and youthful soul.

Timeless, classic gentleman-

Wearing 50 well!

Haiku and Coffee 8.21.2021 ~Full-Filled~

Once in a Blue Moon

The brightest light emerges-

My heart is aglow.

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