Haiku and Coffee 9.20.2020 ~Porch Time~

Family gathered ’round

Telling stories of times passed-

Bonding while rocking.

Haiku and Coffee 9.18.2020 ~Connections~

Invisible thread

Linking hearts across the miles.

Distance, no object.

Haiku and Coffee 9.15.2020 ~Beauty’s Return~

Sparkles in the sky,

Colors and hues, much brighter.

The heart awakens.

Haiku and Coffee 9.14.2020 ~Midnight Journey~

Spirit draws me in.

The path unfolds underfoot.

And then the bell tolls.

Haiku and Coffee 9.13.2020 ~New Wings~

Peek over the edge.

Big world outside the small nest-

Little bird, fly free!

Haiku and Pinot 9.12.2020 ~Country Time~

Under the awning,

Lightning crashing, thunder rolls.

With family, no storms.

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