Haiku and Coffee 11.28.2020 ~Into the Woods~

4-wheel drive in gear,

Windows down, birds are singing-

Road trip in nature.

Haiku and Coffee 11.26.2020 ~Giving Thanks~

Family gathered ’round.

Unconditional love here-

Grateful for them all.

Haiku and Coffee 11.22.2020 ~Coasting~

Release all control.

Trust the universe to lead-

Going with the flow.

Haiku and Coffee 11.18.2020 ~For Kerry Berry~

Big, beautiful heart💗

Tuned up and ready to go-

Maximizing life!🙏💫

Haiku and Coffee 11.16.2020 ~Goddess, Embraced~

Divine feminine-

Acknowledged, celebrated.


Haiku and Coffee 11.15.2020 ~Bumper Crop~

Plenty to go ’round.

Neighbors sharing the bounty-

Homegrown sustenance.

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