Haiku and Coffee 10.26.2020 ~Impatiently Patient~

Inquiry opened-

Expressing needs and desires.

Awaiting answers.

Haiku and Coffee 10.22.2020 ~Revolution~

Grateful to have made

One more trip around the sun-

Off I go again…

Haiku and Coffee 10.21.2020 ~Completion~

Goals set and attained,

Ready for the next chapter.

The future opens.

Haiku and Coffee 10.20.20 ~Decadence~

Heightening senses,

Sparkles added to all things.

Beauty, the new norm.

Haiku and Family 10.16.2020 ~Devon’s Reflection Haiku~

The sound of laughter

Softly invading my soul-

The beauty of sisterhood. ❤️

Haiku and Coffee 10.15.2020 ~Girl Power~

Glasses raised for cheers.

Circle of muses and crones-

Sisterhood weekend.

Haiku and Coffee 10.13.2020 ~Gentle Man~

Compassionate soul

Displaying a heart of gold-

Handle with great care.

Haiku and Coffee 10.11.2020 ~Clearing~

Expelling the old.

Refreshing the energy-

Balance is restored.

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