Haiku and Coffee 1.1.2021 ~Tabula Rasa~

Fresh chalk in my hand,

The world at my fingertips-

New Year, New Era.

Haiku and Coffee 12.31.3020 ~Finale~

All’s well that ends well.

A year full of test and trial-

A new day dawning.

Haiku and Coffee 12.30.2020 ~Waning~

Lunar lights dimming,

The year takes a final bow-

Curtain is closing.

Haiku and Coffee 12.28.2020 ~Waxing~

Energy building,

Lunar light shining brightly-

Ninety-nine percent.

Haiku and Coffee 12.21.2020 ~Pele’s Promise~

Energy increase,

Releasing pressure and heat-

Now all will be well.

Haiku and Coffee 12.21.2020 ~Great Conjunction~

A planned rendezvous,

Saturn and Jupiter meld-

One body, one star.

Haiku and Coffee 12.21.2020 ~Solstice Celebration~

The sun takes the lead,

Lighting the journey forward-

A new phase of life.

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