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Haiku and Coffee 8.11.17 ~Late Summer Music~


High tinny buzzing,

Deep humming atop the trees –

Cicadas singing. 

Haiku and Coffee 12.22.12 ~Spotlight~


Old school music man
Pouring his heart out on stage-
Living his lyrics.

40 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday ~#26~


#26:  Get serenaded by crickets (100% more melodious and zen-like than last night’s chorus of rednecks)

40 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday ~#13~


#13:  Get serenaded by rednecks singing karaoke to “Walk This Way” (yes, of course it HAD to be the Run DMC remix!) (sorry, no pix posted to protect the integrity of said karaoke artists)

Haiku and Coffee 10.19.12 ~40 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday~


Greetings!! Today kicks off a 4-day celebration of my 40th birthday.  So, in lieu of haiku for the next 4 days, I will take you with me on my road trip & share my top 40 ways to celebrate such a momentous birthday.  Get your party hats & noisemakers ready!! 🙂