Haiku and Coffee 10.21.2020 ~Completion~

Goals set and attained, Ready for the next chapter. The future opens.

Haiku and Coffee 9.30.2020 ~Power Surge~

Energy in waves, Creative juice flowing- Sacral Chakra plays.

Haiku and Coffee 9.29.2020 ~Cultivating~

The seeds were planted. Ideas and visions in bloom- Reaping sweet success.

Haiku and Coffee 2.10.2020 ~Band of Angels~

Connecting the dots, Synchronicity abounds. Miracles popping.  

Haiku and Coffee 4.22.2020 ~Rinse Cycle~

New moon, rain pouring, Clearing out the atmosphere. A fresh start awaits.

Haiku and Coffee 2.21.2020 ~New Moon Rising~

Darkness, clearing space Making room for shining light. Meanwhile, stars twinkling.