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Haiku and Coffee 3.25.19 ~For Cyndie~


A poem for you,

No rhymes, no reasons exist.

Coffee, no limits.


Haiku and Coffee 12.11.18 ~Aligned~


Like a kid again,

Frivolous and fancy free.

Back to being me.

 Haiku and Coffee 8.31.17 ~Harvey 2.0~


Deluge pouring down. 

Purifying all below. 

New life emerges. 

Haiku and Full Moon 09.16.16


Back end of eclipse

Warm and cool winds alternate-

Harvest full moon vibes.

Haiku and Coffee 8.26.16 ~Summer Frolick~


Flowing with the wind, 

Two synchronous souls aloft-

Mating dragonflies. 

Haiku and Coffee 9.29.15 ~Aikido~


Force fast approaching,
I lean in and turn sideways-
It rolls off my back.

Haiku and Coffee 9.25.15 ~Poetry at Bedtime~


~Poetry at Bedtime~

Now I lay me down to sleep,
A band of angels at my feet.
They walk around and kiss my head
And gently tuck me into bed.

In slumber, I leave time and space
And drift into a happy place.
I learn the lessons from the day
So stress and struggle melt away.

I revel in the slow release
And rest in solitude and peace.

(Not a haiku, but a poem that wanted to be published)