Haiku and Coffee 8.1.2021 ~The Void~

What are you missing? The passionate parts of life… Waiting to be filled.

Haiku and Coffee 6.28.21 ~… and Thank You!~

Open to receive, My full heart runneth over- Unexpected gifts.

Haiku and Coffee 01.28.2021 ~Clearing the Path~

Cutting karmic cords, Ancestral traumas are healed. Walking forward now.

Haiku and Coffee 11.18.2020 ~For Kerry Berry~

Big, beautiful heart💗 Tuned up and ready to go- Maximizing life!🙏💫

Haiku and Family 10.16.2020 ~Devon’s Reflection Haiku~

The sound of laughter Softly invading my soul- The beauty of sisterhood. ❤️