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About InTune Madi

Lover of all things life-focused, nature-oriented, poetic and philosophical. Haiku writer, Labyrinth walker, Peace giver. The Haiku I write are from the heart and hopefully are either educational or at least entertaining to whomever may encounter them. Haiku provides simple times of pure mindfulness when I just write about what I am currently encountering in my environment. Present, past, or future- writing provides an outlet for my creativity to flourish. I call it "Soul Play"- that point of flow where you lose all sense of time and are so immersed in an activity that you feel like a kid again, yet are amazingly productive.

Haiku and Coffee 6.15.2020 ~Rise and Shine~


A new day dawning,

Anticipation rising-

Awake and alive!!

Haiku and Coffee 6.14.2020 ~Venus Reclined~


Going with the flow,

No doing, just being- me.

Chilled out Saturday.

Haiku and Coffee 5.30.2020 ~2 Men & A Dragon~


Up, Up and Away!

Nominal trajectory.

No burn in orbit.

Haiku and Coffee 5.31.2020 ~Revolution~


History repeats.

“The Course of Human Events…”

Pluto returning.

Haiku and Coffee 5.28.2020 ~Renewal~


“I do. I promise.”

A vow to my Higher Self.

A true commitment.

Haiku and Coffee 2.10.2020 ~Band of Angels~


Connecting the dots,

Synchronicity abounds.

Miracles popping.


Haiku and Coffee 4.22.2020 ~Rinse Cycle~


New moon, rain pouring,

Clearing out the atmosphere.

A fresh start awaits.