40 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday 10.19.12 ~#1~

The wheels are rolling west!  Welcome to my 40th birthday road trip!  This is going to be an epic weekend full of R&R and adventure!  Instead of alot of hoopla, I chose to get a cabin in the woods and gracefully slide into the next phase of my life.  So, for starters, here is the first
way I’ll be celebrating:

#1: Pack the Essentials- hubby (best man ever!), dogs, favorite pillow, cooler full of yummies, T-shirts & jeans, new Carlos Santana boots, hand-picked variety of Tuscan vino, camera, sketch pad, journal.

Glad to have you all along for the journey! 140 miles to go!  Stay tuned…

Published by Madison Akridge

Lover of all things life-focused, nature-oriented, poetic and philosophical. Haiku writer, Labyrinth walker, Peace giver. The Haiku I write are from the heart and hopefully are either educational or at least entertaining to whomever may encounter them. Haiku provides simple times of pure mindfulness when I just write about what I am currently encountering in my environment. Present, past, or future- writing provides an outlet for my creativity to flourish. I call it "Soul Play"- that point of flow where you lose all sense of time and are so immersed in an activity that you feel like a kid again, yet are amazingly productive.

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