About Madison

Haiku is like poetry bonsai-it begins with a general concept and is distilled down to concise form. I write Haiku most every day as a personal mode of meditation and contemplation.  Sometimes, it’s how I set the tone for my day and other times, it’s how I complete a process from the day before.  Then there are the simple times of pure mindfulness when I just write about what I am currently encountering in my environment.  Present, past, or future… Haiku provides an outlet for my creativity to flourish.


7 thoughts on “About Madison

  1. Hi there

    Haiku has just captured my imagination again after many years – and I love your site – will be visiting often!I am drawing daily mandalas to keep my sanity – but as I become more familiar with the form and rhythm of haiku, I am starting to feel haiku words bubbling up too. When I’m feeling chirpy, I mess around with limericks – obviously for a very different purpose than haiku or mandalas- but a lot of fun! I am also intrigued with Haibun – do you ever write those?

    Thanks for the site.



    1. Hi Petrolpetal,
      Thanks for visiting Haiku and Coffee! I haven’t written in a while (been busy moving to a farm), but Haiku has given me a place for my creativity & spirit to play. Mandalas are an amazing way to express physically what Haiku can express mentally. Have you considered walking a labyrinth? http://www.labyrinthsociety.com has a labyrinth locator to find one near you. Enjoy! 🙂


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